Watercolour is my passion, some say difficult and unpredictable but I find it always exciting and fascinating to watch the colour pigment interact.
My subjects vary, but all contain something which ignites that spark of inspiration in me, humour, shadow, beauty, nostalgia or the need to be painted. I love old buildings with vibes of past inhabitants or a personality all of their own.
Art stimulates different parts of the brain and is very subjective but can give us access to joy, exhilaration and admiration just by a gaze. That gaze can also register shock and dislike...... everyone has a different opinion.

If a painting here interests you please do not hesitate to contact me via my contact page, most can be purchased framed if you are near enough to collect or unframed if you are not (sent by post)

Every effort is made to match image colours with the originals.
All sizes, H x W are in cms and refer to the image only (not mounts and frames)
NFS - not for sale

All images are copyright of Lindsay J Berry and should not be copied or used in any shape or form without prior permission. © Lindsay J Berry, Hampshire 2021